First Weekend a Blast

The first weekend of the Southern California Renaissance Faire was a great success!  Our new booth location turned out to be wonderful.  We got plenty of foot traffic and shade throughout the day.  After walking around faire site, I came to the conclusion that our location was 10 degrees cooler than the other parts of the faire.  Trees are good.

Also, it turns out that the actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers visited the faire during the first weekend.  We didn’t actually get to see him, but there are several photos of him with some fans circulating around.  Come to faire.  You never know who you’ll get to see.

We’ve been busy this week taking care of some custom products for people, as well as generating more stock for this coming weekend.  Hope to see some more of our friends during Weekend TWO of the faire.  FYI: This weekend is Marketplace Weekend, meaning  that “for every $250 you spend with our merchants or artisans during Marketplace Weekend, you will receive 2 FREE tickets (valid thru May 5th) to come back to the Faire during the 2014 season (a $56 value). IT’S THAT EASY.  Offer does not apply to games, rides, food, beverage or the Renaissance Collection Stores. Special Receipts must be presented to receive tickets.”  So come to our booth, buy $250 worth of product (why stop at $250?), show them your receipt, and you get two free tickets. Good plan.

Check out the previous link for other information about discounts for Boy Scouts and Military this weekend, plus scheduled themes for future weekends.