There and Back Again: A Woodworker’s Tale by Sev

Okay, so Sev really isn’t the one who writes these posts, BUT I couldn’t resist the Tolkien title reference.  We recently came back from the Northern California Renaissance Faire that takes place at Casa de Fruta in Hollister, CA.  We were just guest artists there, so we only stayed one weekend.  Aside from almost being driven off the road by an oblivious driver, the drive up the 5 was uneventfully pleasant.  Despite the drought and invasive grasses, some beautiful, mature oaks were still going strong, which was cool to see.  Casa de Fruta itself is quite lovely, and the grounds have mature cottonwood, black walnut, and sycamore trees.  We stayed at the Ramada Inn in nearby Gilroy, (we’re assigned the same room every year somehow).  The room has a noisy air conditioner (understatement), but seeing it again after a year was like seeing an old friend (an old friend with volume control issues).  Ear plugs are amazing.


This trip is always a good bonding experience between me and my dad.  Here we are being adorable at San Luis Creek State Park on the way back home.  The end.NorCalRenFaire4

Good story, huh?  Anyway, we’ll be busy working on building stock for the next few weeks in preparation for some more shows.  We have Ojai Day, as well as Comikaze fast approaching, so be sure to check out our show schedule for more info regarding when and where our next shows will take place.  Until next time, happy people!