The Insanity of Fall

Spring and Fall are our busiest times of year.  Add the approaching holidays to mix, and Fall might win out over Spring as the craziest time of year for us.  Currently, we’re busy as ever preparing for Stan Lee’s Comikaze, the comic book and pop culture convention taking place this weekend at the LA Convention Center.  For those of you who have not attended, this is an awesome event.  First of all, it’s huge.  There are so many vendors–not to mention artists and celebrity guests–that even if you’re not a big comic book fan, you’ll be entertained for hours.  You could just sit in a corner and watch other people all day long.  Their costumes alone will keep you riveted.  Take this old-school, boom-box toting, Adidas wearing storm trooper, for instance:Comikaze1And there’s no more special feeling in the world to witness a real-life R2D2 cruising around the convention.  You can even join an R2 Builder’s club and build your own fully-functional R2D2 robot:



If that isn’t enough to make you buy a ticket to Comikaze this year, perhaps knowing that Sev has been working on some pretty awesome stuff recently will give you some extra incentive.  Just in the last month, he started creating Steampunk-themed, bolt-action pens.  Blog Steampunk pensComikaze runs for three days, starting this Friday on Halloween.  What better place to be on Halloween than the one destination in LA where everyone would be in costume even if it weren’t Halloween?  We’ll be there having a great time at booth #1722.  Hope to see you there!  Check out Comikaze’s website for more information regarding dates, times, ticket prices, special guests, and more.