Reuse, Recycle, Rethink, Repurpose, Reinvent

Even though we primarily work with wood, we’re always thinking of new products we can sell and new materials we can play with.  Recently, Sev purchased a box of old, used watch parts in our desire to sell more steampunk-related items.  It’s our intention to embellish our bottlestoppers with some of these parts, as well as make baubles and/or pendants with them.  Check it out:


Cool, huh?  What’s even cooler is that upon opening the box, we discovered an old letter from the watchmaker/repairer to a customer of his/hers, and it was dated February 21, 1941.



It reads, “Bill; Will you please send the $2.75 to me for your watch or send me your consent to sell;.”

We looked up how much $2.75 from 1941 would cost today, and it would be approximately the equivalent of $45 now.   It was such a treasure to discover this letter tucked under all the watch parts.  I don’t think the seller even knew it was there.  These are the joys of repurposing and reusing old materials.  We love breathing new life into something old, and we can’t wait to start incorporating these discarded watch parts into our inventory.  Stay tuned!

Also, as I type this, other members of the Sev’s Wood Crafts clan are going through our inventory of items for products to put on our website for online purchasing.  It’s been a long process, but we’re finally at the point of getting our website store ready for our customers.  After we choose a selection of items for the store, we’ll take photos and then post them to this website.  Now, depending on how much we’re able to accomplish before Renaissance Faire season starts, we may have to pull some items for the show, but our hope is to have a little bit of everything online for our customers year-round.

Hope everyone’s holidays were restful and meaningful.  Happy New Year, and we look forward to seeing you all during our many shows in 2015.  First show for this year will be 7 weekends of the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire.  Huzzah!