A Family Affair

Sev PakradouniSev’s Wood Crafts is a family business with Sevag Pakradouni (aka Sev) at the helm. And, while he is the captain of the ship, his ship would not sail if it weren’t for his trusty crew. On top of helping with sales and the management of the business, each family member brings his or her own talents and skills to Sev’s Wood Crafts. Although Sev creates the majority of the amazing products for the business, his family also participates in the business in varying degrees.

Anni PakradouniHis wife and best friend, Anni, does the painted artwork on Sev’s various products, like the painted wands, small painted boxes, yo-yos, and Whirli-buzzers. She also does the beading on the hairsticks, hairforks, wood and leather bookmarks, and vases.
Being an English teacher, Anni does everything she can to encourage reading, so she developed a special line of beaded bookmarks she calls “Book Baubles.” Since a “bauble” is a small showy trinket or decoration, she says that her Book Baubles are not only bookmarks, but also lovely book decorations. She has expanded her line of Book Baubles to a series she started calling “Angel Baubles” which has expanded even further with a series she is calling “Goddess Baubles.” Aside from using them as bookmarks, folks use her Baubles in a variety of ways. For example, people have used the Book Baubles as home décor, Christmas tree ornaments, hair adornments, wine glass identifiers at parties, mug or tankard embellishments, costume accessories, hat trimming, talismans, and more. You can see Anni working on her various Baubles at the Southern California Renaissance Faire in April and May, where you can also ask her to make you a customized Bauble.

Katherine PakradouniSev’s favorite youngest daughter Katherine remains particularly unhelpful during booth-building operations, but is still Sev’s favorite and most preferred companion on work-related road trips. One time while driving to a show with her dad, she spent 4 hours asking him questions like, “If you had to fight an alligator or a grizzly bear, which would you fight?” When she’s not enriching his road trip experience with such thought-provoking questions, she makes incessant comments about the native flora (or lack thereof) she sees out the window. She also provides pyrographic art for the business (as stand-alone art pieces as well as embellishments of other products), and is one of most enthusiastic salespeople in the booth. Katherine is also available to do custom pyrographic work. You can talk to her at the Renaissance Faire or contact her through this website.

Diana SabaDiana Saba, Sev’s favorite eldest daughter, provides the social media and marketing expertise for the family business. She is always happy to assist in any way she can, especially by reminding us when it’s time to update our Facebook page. Her effervescent personality helps everyone stay perky while working long hours in the booth, unless she’s hungry; in which case, she gets kind of cranky like her dad. Luckily, Diana is a foodie and a gourmet cook who always makes wonderful meals for her friends and family, and especially for her awesome husband Elias.

elias-saba-150x150Elias Saba is Sev’s favorite son-in-law! Elias is our webmaster and tech guru. He is also a man of very few words.