Pyrography Sev’s Wood Crafts is committed to minimizing wood waste and treasuring every piece of wood, no matter how small or oddly shaped.  For this reason, Katherine, one of Sev’s daughters, has taken to creating pyrographic artwork with the various cut-offs from Sev’s projects.  Designs, images, and figures are burned into the wood using heated, metal-tipped pens.  While there are woods that are commonly used for wood-burning due to their fine grain, light color, and ease of burning (i.e Sycamore, Basswood, Birch, etc.), Katherine’s preference is not to buy wood specifically for her art, but rather to use cut-offs from her dad’s projects, or to use pieces of wood or bark from scavenged tree parts.  Since each piece of wood burns differently, some woods lend themselves to freeform designs and line drawings, while others lend themselves to portraiture and more detailed shading.
Aside from stand-alone pieces of art, her burnings are also featured on handmade wooden pendants, hair forks, and bamboo drinking straws. Interested in custom pyrographic artwork for yourself or a loved one? Contact us!

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