Perfect Seal Bottlestopper – Steampunk


The Steampunk bottlestopper has all the benefits of the Perfect Seal, with a little more fun. Inlaid in the tops of these stoppers are watch gears. They will fit 98% of wine bottles (which are not standardized), and some liquor bottles. Twist the wooden top to the right and the neoprene sleeve expands for a completely airtight seal. Twist to the left to unseal it. To clean, unscrew the stopper from the wood, wash with warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly, then reattach. This one is ideal for storing wine, and you can store it on its side without leaking.

• Adjustable Seal (twist right to tighten, left to loosen)

• Height (above bottle):  1.25″ – 2″

• Diameter:  1.5″

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