About Sev

Sevag PakradouniAfter twenty-five years, a once promising and enticing business career in the unstable world of information technology had lost its luster. Every day, as Sev drove to work, he became more and more aware of his growing dissatisfaction with his job. When asked by his wife, “How was work?” his predictable reply was, “They pay me, so I go.” He began to feel strongly that something was missing. With the economic down-turn, Sev was laid off once again. He felt like he was standing at a crossroads.

Sev wanted to do something with his hands that would give him the sense of gratification that comes with creating something. He always admired the creative talent and artistic ability of his dear friend, Jon Schulps, who was a former pro-football player for the Vikings and the Giants, a potter, a scrimshander, an artist, and a knife-maker, who also happened to hold a Master’s degree in architectural ceramics from UCLA. Jon was truly a modern day Renaissance man. Knowing Sev’s respect and admiration for Jon Schulps, Sev’s wife suggested that he go visit Jon for a week or so and give him a hand with his family’s craft business, Schulps Pottery and Knives. This trip to visit Jon ended up changing Sev’s life in a way that he had never imagined.

During his visit to Jon in 2006, Sev tried using the wood lathe Jon had in his workshop. It was a tool he had never used before, but it unearthed a talent and a passion Sev never knew he had. Sev was finally creating something, something that felt very organic and in tune with nature. But, now what? When he came back home and enthusiastically told his wife and daughters about his new-found abilities, Sev’s wife said, “You have a Master’s degree in business, and a craft you love doing, so let’s start a family business!”

Although skeptical at first, with his wife’s and daughters’ persistent encouragement and periodic prodding, Sev has persevered, making his love of turning wood into his family’s new flourishing business. Now, if only his wife and daughters would stop absconding with the products before they can sell them…