Sev’s Philosophy

Sev's Philosophy PicI consider myself to be a conserver of wood rather than a consumer. Not only do I try to be conscientious of where I get my wood, but I also strive to find and bring out the natural beauty of each piece by letting the wood guide the design. Thus, each item I produce is completely unique and a fine representation of that particular piece of wood.

I am very conscious of where I get the wood I use. At times, I have scavenged wood myself (e.g., fallen or trimmed branches), but I most often use online sources to buy wood.

When I buy wood online, I look for wood identified as “cut-offs.” These cut-offs are discarded pieces of wood others deem unsuitable for their projects. The wood pieces may have been discarded for various reasons, such as inappropriate size, color, or pattern. In any case, these discards become my treasures.

Sev's Philosophy Pic2
I also continue to purchase wood from tree salvagers, tree trimmers, and sustainable growers, or tree farmers who replace what they use or cultivate.

Using every last bit of the wood I get is important to me. Since I create a variety of products in various sizes, when I have leftover wood, I evaluate what is the best use of the wood available and then make something out of it. What I can’t use to make a vase, I may use to make a bottle-stopper. What I can’t use to create a pen, I may use to create a hair stick. Even when there is only a tiny bit of wood left, I can make a spinning top. I even use some of the sawdust produced from my lathing. Very little goes to waste.

I enjoy working with Nature to bring out the existing beauty of the wood, without dyes or stains. Every piece I make is an investment of time and love for the craft. Each piece is a testament to the perfection in Nature. The colors and patterns that emerge as I turn the wood on the lathe are original works of art from Nature herself.