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Summer Project

For the last year or so, our website has been notoriously devoid of a shopping cart that actually has products for sale within it, and I’d like say up front that we are working hard to change that.  Our library/work room has over the years become more and more of a storage room, which is […]


Sev and his daughter Jennifer arrived safely in Vallejo last night. Today, they set up a booth at the Northern California Pirate Festival, which will be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday. The Festival is celebrating eight years of fun and fantasy in Pirate play.  The Festival website recommends that you “embrace your inner pirate […]

So long, Montrose!

We had a family meeting yesterday and came to the decision that we would no longer be participating in the Montrose Arts and Crafts Festival.  While this fair is special because many of our friends live in the neighborhood and take the time to visit us, the show itself has turned out not to be […]

On to new adventures!

The Southern California Renaissance Faire officially finished two weekends ago.   We took two trips out to faire site to tear down last week, and I believe we stuffed our minivan to a capacity unheard of before.  I would have written another blog post sooner, but our family was still trying to recover from the […]

Passed the Halfway Mark

There are only three more weekends of the Renaissance Faire, and we’ve never been more busy.  Sev has taught his daughter Jennifer how to make some of our products, and she has diligently been working daily on creating products for us to sell.  If it wasn’t for her help this year, we’d definitely be sold […]

First Weekend a Blast

The first weekend of the Southern California Renaissance Faire was a great success!  Our new booth location turned out to be wonderful.  We got plenty of foot traffic and shade throughout the day.  After walking around faire site, I came to the conclusion that our location was 10 degrees cooler than the other parts of the faire. […]

Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire Booth

The Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale is coming upon us.  We just got assigned our booth space, and we’ll be in a different spot than we were last year.  The faire has expanded its acreage and we will be located at booth 136, closer to the front of the faire, with some lovely […]