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A Great First Weekend!

Huzzah! What a splendid first weekend at the Faire! It was so wonderful connecting with our friends and neighbors in the Renaissance Faire Marketplace over the weekend. Sales were good but seeing our Faire family was even better! Looking forward to the next 5 weekends at Faire. We will have some more products for our […]

See Us At The Renaissance Pleasure Faire!

It’s been a rough few years but we are happy to be back at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire! Come by our booth, say hello, and check out all the great products we have. Sev has been hard at work, turning out some gorgeous wood crafts. We hope to see you soon!

Is Hardwood Really Hard?

Many of our patrons ask us why Sev uses hardwoods instead of softwoods to make his products. Actually, most woodworkers prefer working with hardwoods. Sev says that working with hardwoods is ideal because they have a greater range of colors, textures, and grain patterns than softwoods. These variations makes hardwoods the ideal wood for the […]

Where To Find Sev’s Wood Crafts in October!

Good day to all of our Sev’s Wood Craft fans and new visitors! Autumn has finally arrived in Southern California (someone will tell the weather eventually) and with it come some of our favorite Fall events. If you are looking to supplement your Halloween fun with a few more outings this month or even want […]

Meditate or Color…Your Choice

One way or another, we all experience stress at some point in our lives. Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming, but there are many things you can do to alleviate stress. I’m rather partial to lathing, but here’s another way you can relax: Om… It’s hardly surprising that meditation can have amazing de-stressing effects, but do […]

The Making of a Calligraphy Dip Pen

I thought it would be fun to take a time-lapse video of our dip pen making process, so of course the pen breaks and I need to fix it while on camera. For those of you with inquiring minds, here is the process in a little more detail. The pen starts out as a dowel […]

Reuse, Recycle, Rethink, Repurpose, Reinvent

Even though we primarily work with wood, we’re always thinking of new products we can sell and new materials we can play with.  Recently, Sev purchased a box of old, used watch parts in our desire to sell more steampunk-related items.  It’s our intention to embellish our bottlestoppers with some of these parts, as well […]

The Insanity of Fall

Spring and Fall are our busiest times of year.  Add the approaching holidays to mix, and Fall might win out over Spring as the craziest time of year for us.  Currently, we’re busy as ever preparing for Stan Lee’s Comikaze, the comic book and pop culture convention taking place this weekend at the LA Convention Center. […]

There and Back Again: A Woodworker’s Tale by Sev

Okay, so Sev really isn’t the one who writes these posts, BUT I couldn’t resist the Tolkien title reference.  We recently came back from the Northern California Renaissance Faire that takes place at Casa de Fruta in Hollister, CA.  We were just guest artists there, so we only stayed one weekend.  Aside from almost being […]