Spring has Sprung, Fall has Fell, Winter’s Here, and it’s Colder Than Usual…

2015 was lovely for us at Sev’s Wood Crafts.  Great events, great sales, and great people.  But before we get too far into 2016, here are just a few highlights of last year:

swc tattoo

Kat Von D! Renowned tattoo artist Kat Von D visited our booth during the Renaissance Faire last year and bought a beautiful handmade calligraphy pen from us.  We hope she is enjoying it!


We had record sales at the Ojai Wine Festival.  The vibe at this show is always so fun and upbeat.  People come to have a good time, dance, shop, and enjoy the scenery at beautiful Lake Casitas.  After the show, I convinced my dad to take a walk down to the lake.  I always love those father-daughter moments when he agrees to derail the end-of-show wrap-up procedures to take in the scenery and explore nature with me.  SWC2

Here we are at the lake.  Notice how low the water level is because of the drought.  Still beautiful though…


New in 2015: wine stoppers with old watch parts inside.  We debuted these steampunk-themed babies last year and they were a total hit.  We’re proud of this product, especially because the old watch parts were salvaged and there is so much great detail in them! Read more about these watch parts in an old blog post of ours.


Here’s Sev in wet clothes.  Pirate Days at Ventura Harbor was a great little show, but it rained as we were packing up, which was…exciting.  Luckily, we got the wooden products packed up in plastic containers before the rain came down hard.  And even despite the weather, I convinced Boss Man to make a stop at the beach before heading home.  Beautiful, rainy, cloudy, and warm.


Comikaze is always a blast!  Here, Dumbledore is endorsing our products! It’s nice to get a seal of approval from a wizard.


Last, but not least: Spring 2015 marked the season when Sev became a grandfather!


If you’ve ever wanted to know what Sev’s beard tastes like, ask this little guy.

A big thank you to everyone who was a part of our lives last year!  We are growing as a business and we have you to thank for that.  We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events of 2016. Currently, the SWC crew is busy gearing up for the Renaissance Faire in April.  See the SHOWS section of our website for more details about the event.  This is our first show of the new year and lasts 7 consecutive weekends.

And…*drumroll*… I’m proud to announce that the long-awaited online store is officially up and running!  If you’d like to browse what we have for sale online, click the SHOP button at the top of our homepage.  We do not have as much product on our online store as we do in person at our shows, but it is a start!  Plus, we’d be happy to accommodate custom orders via email at sev@sevswoodcrafts.com if you want to buy something that you don’t see in our store.

Thanks again for a great 2015, and we look forward to an exciting, prosperous, and joyous 2016!